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    LCM was developed in Europe over 60 years ago and has since then been on the international market for more than 20 years. LCM has been used in the building industry for well over one hundred thousand apartments and houses in over 40 different countries. Machines, foaming agent, training and technology transfer
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    LCM - Panel casting at Jakarta, the job requires the casting of Lightweight Concrete 1250 density mix, the specification only allows panels with a maximum 160 kg per m2 of 100mm thick pre-cast wall panels.

    As Jakarta's is in an earthquake area, reinforcement with a layer of BRC was used.

    Casted panel is ready for skim coating and lifting 28 hours later and painted and ready to be lifted to trucks and transported to site for lifting to be put in place.

    A total of 2400 panels was pre-cast in record time, indicating LCM success. The total weight of the panels was reduced by 45 % compare to bricks or blocks. Cost and casting time was reduced.

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