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    LCM was developed in Europe over 60 years ago and has since then been on the international market for more than 20 years. LCM has been used in the building industry for well over one hundred thousand apartments and houses in over 40 different countries. Machines, foaming agent, training and technology transfer
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    This project was undertaken to check the usage of Foam Concrete in the application for bridge and culvert approach was done using conventional method, that is by using 200mm x 6 meter concrete squre piles totaling dozens of piles and then concrete slap cappings, where as on the other side a 1000 density lightweight concrete 1.1 meter x 7 meter wide and 13 meter in length was pour directly on top of the soil overlapping the culverts concrete slap, no reinforcement whatsover was use. The overall cost was many tme lesser on the LCM side then on the conventional way side. Still a bump was detected on the conventional piling and concrete slap side where as no sinking was detected on LCM side. If this was method is use you won't have to get 2 bump whenever you drive across a culvert or a bridge.
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