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    LCM was developed in Europe over 60 years ago and has since then been on the international market for more than 20 years. LCM has been used in the building industry for well over one hundred thousand apartments and houses in over 40 different countries. Machines, foaming agent, training and technology transfer
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    Since the beginning of time, man has made walls from mud bricks, mud with straws, rocks, woods, planks and so on, till today plenty of houses wall are still made using mud bricks but in modern times we call it clay bricks which are duct out from ground and casted and baked, there are still load bearing bricks walls going up to 7 storey high in many countries, nearly hafl of the worlds walls are made this way and another 1 third with cement hollow blocks, modern Industrialise building systems calls for larger block which if still using the traditional where will be very heavy and foundations and structure will be bigger and costly. And with innovative lighter materials and hollor materials, it is rapidly replacing the traditional ways.

    There are many modern system available nowadays, like precast panels, hollow polystyrene as well as polystyrene stay inplace system, interlocking blocks and hollow partitions and many more, but when todays prefered ways has to be economical, energy efficient and easy to built.

    We believe that using LCM energy efficient lightweight concrete casting in place with a reusable modular formwork system is the way forward, be it underground basement wall, a swimming pool wall, a single storey house wall or a highrise building internal or external walls or what ever walls it is as long as it is a wall or even parapet retaining walls, embankment walls, bridge parapet hanging panels, retaining walls, we assure you that what we are promoting and doing, is a great help to all.

    Installation procedure of EFCO hand-held formwork' as shown EFCO can be easily erected by 1 to 2 workers. Each house complete walls panels can be erected and pour the same day. Dismantle and re-erected the next day for second cast.


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