• A box low-cost house cast to look beautiful and modern
    LCM was developed in Europe over 60 years ago and has since then been on the international market for more than 20 years. LCM has been used in the building industry for well over one hundred thousand apartments and houses in over 40 different countries. Machines, foaming agent, training and technology transfer
    Foam Concrete

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    • cast in-place for a unit of low cost terrace houses and bungalows.
    • in lightweight bricks or blocks for high-rise buildings.
    • in panels and partition walls of various dimensions either pre-cast or poured in place.
    • in all types of insulation works, including cavity walls.
    • in roofing and ceiling panels. in sound proofing application.
    • in pre-cast / in-place exterior wall facades for all sizes of buildings.
    • in foundations for roads and sidewalks.
    • in sub-surface for sport arenas, e.g. tennis courts.
    • in infill sections between beams of suspended floors.
    • aircraft arresting beds. road crash barriers.
    • explosion-resistant structure. highway sound barriers.
    • floating barge, jetties, floating homes, and slope protection.


    Foamed concrete has been used to successfully in the following applications:-
    • Sewer Infilling (large and small bore)
    • Storm drain infilling
    • Culvert abandonment's
    • Subway abandonment's
    • Bridge strengthening
    • Bridge infilling
    • Bridge decks
    • Large Diameter shaft and tunnel abandonment's
    • Bridge abutments
    • Outfall abandonment's
    • Heading infill
    • Cellar, basement and vault infill
    • Pipeline infill
    • Tank Fill
    • Fuel tank Infill
    • Trench infill
    • Swimming pool infill
    • Sound proofing
    • Raising the levels of flooring
    • Under floor infilling
    • Train platform infilling/re-profiling
    Reduce dead-load buidling to save on pilings cost and structure by simply changing mortar floor creed to LCM screed
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